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Our Brand: Açaí do Brasil

Açaí do Brasil® is a product of the personal experience of a Spanish entrepreneur who, while travelling on business in Brazil, learned of the healthy and nutritious properties of the açaí as well as its consumer potential. This discovery made the entrepreneur excited about the product and prompted the decision to export this unique food to Spain.

This marked the beginning of the enterprise UNIMPORT Tropical Fruit SL, incorporated within the Grupo Pablos, a group of small and medium-sized businesses located in the south of Spain that specialise in food and agriculture.

UNIMPORT Tropical Fruit was created specifically for the production, packaging and marketing of the açaí, participating in the production plant located in Sao Paulo, Brazil where the product is made and later shipped to Spain to be packaged and sold.

Behind Açaí do Brasil is a business project that seeks to make the most of the potential of the product while holding quality and nutritional value as paramount objectives that take precedence above all. We firmly believe that this is an extraordinary product that offers many benefits for human health.

the authentic essence of the amazon


Nuestra marca

pura energia

The most effective and the most concentrated variety of açaí

The Açaí do Brasil brand aims to capture the essence of the product and its philosophy of consumption in the most authentic way, as it has been done for centuries in Brazil.

The Açaí do Brasil production process, a result of the work of UNIMPORT’s Research, Development and Innovation team, keeps practically all of the nutritional properties of the açaí and its organoleptic characteristics intact. This process allows for the highest concentration of açaí on the market: 52% in the Authentic product, and 31% in the smoothies, the beverage that is diluted with juices.

Natural Energy

Açaí do Brasil® is a 100% natural pure fruit drink containing no preservatives or dyes. It is made directly from wild açaí berries and mixed with pure organic extracts of guarana, strawberry and banana. It is high in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, proteins and essential fatty acids, which provide many nutritional and health benefits. This product is gluten-free.

Nuestra marca açai

100% natural, with no preservatives or dyes

Açaí do Brasil is a completely natural product; in its diverse forms and formats, the product is mixed with other organic fruit and minimal amounts of added cane sugar or fructose with no dyes, preservatives or stabilizers.

Differences over the competition

In Brazil, the açaí is produced from frozen fruit pulp and is hand-mixed with other fruits. Once packaged as juices or beverages, the product is sold only in some international markets. However, the difference of Açaí do Brasil over other brands is not only evident in its design, but also in its raw material composition:

Raw material

Depending on their place of origin, the açaí are classified into varieties ranging from A to D, indicating highest to lowest quality. Açaí do Brasil is made from A-quality berries originating from regions with a traceability scheme that allows for monitoring and control.


Açaí do Brasil is made from berries harvested in the Amazon jungle and transported to the UNIMPORT plant where they are not frozen but pasteurized and stored in aseptic packaging, thereby preserving 82% of the fruit’s nutritional properties.

The highest concentration of açaí

the brands that currently market açaí drinks contain a maximum of between 6 and 11% of real açaí. Açaí do Brasil contains up 52%..